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Modern Trends in the Turkish Real Estate Market and How to Benefit from Them with MAB TURKEY



With the development of the Turkish economy and the continuous prosperity of the real estate sector, real estate trends are rapidly changing and evolving. Among these changes, we can identify some main trends that dominate the market, representing good opportunities for investors wishing to take advantage of the strength and dynamism of this sector.

Luxury Apartments

In recent years, we have witnessed a boom in demand for luxury apartments in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir. This type of property is preferred for luxury living and good investment, ensuring good financial return. Also, the government decision allowing foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for a real estate investment of $250,000 or more has made luxury apartments an attractive option for many foreign investors.

Sustainable Homes

Another modern real estate trend in Turkey is sustainable homes. These environmentally friendly buildings are designed to reduce environmental impact and increase energy efficiency. The Turkish government is encouraging this trend by providing tax incentives to developers investing in building sustainable homes.

Urban Development Projects

Urban development projects are the third major trend in the Turkish real estate market. Many Turkish cities are undergoing massive urban development, with old neighborhoods being redeveloped into modern, integrated communities.

How Can You Benefit from These Trends with MAB TURKEY?

At MAB TURKEY, we help investors take advantage of these modern real estate trends. With our professional and experienced team, we provide you with continuous support and guidance throughout the real estate investment process, from identifying the right property to marketing and managing the property after purchase. So, if you want to invest in Turkish real estate and take advantage of modern market trends, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at MAB TURKEY. We are here to help you achieve your investment dreams.



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Dr.Shabaa’s experience in realestate investment with MABTurkey

Dr.Shabaa's experience in realestate investment with MABTurkey

Dr.Shabaa’s experience in realestate investment with MABTurkey

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